Solution-Focused Therapy for Children, Teens, Adults, Couples, & Families

Tree of Life, shot by Dr. Carri Lager
at Mounts Botanical Garden

Honorable Mention Landscapes 2019

The Path to Self-Awareness and Balanced Living

A higher quality of life!

The Path to Self-Awareness and Balanced Living

A higher quality of life!

Tree of Life, shot by Dr. Carri Lager
at Mounts Botanical Garden

Honorable Mention Landscapes 2019

Concierge Services


 Your time is precious! In order to be accommodating to your unique needs, I offer individual, couples, and family counseling in my office, in your home, or at your office. I am also available for walking sessions along Riverwalk, located just behind my office, or a location of your choice, typically in a natural setting. Skype, Facetime, or phone sessions are also an option should you be unable to attend an appointment in person. 

Concierge services also include availability via text or email should an issue arise between sessions. By offering only fee for service concierge psychotherapy, we avoid sharing your private information with any health insurance organization, or other entity. This keeps our work especially secure and confidential. 

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biofeedback training


Biofeedback is a treatment technique where people are trained to improve their health by using signals from their own bodies. You have most likely already used biofeedback without realizing it. A thermometer tells you if you are      running a fever or a scale tells you whether you have gained weight. Both of these devices provide feedback about your body's condition. You can then take steps to improve these conditions. 


Some common uses of biofeedback by psychologists are: decreasing chronic stress,      treating a variety of anxiety disorders, coping with depression, calming anger,      decreasing/increasing blood pressure as needed, managing disorders involving the digestive system, improving performance (i.e., public speaking, athletic events, acting/singing), improving sleep patterns, and promoting an overall sense of well being and balance. Information gained by using biofeedback techniques in therapy (i.e., heart rate, skin temperature, blood pressure) is valuable and can be used to gauge and direct the progress of treatment.

Using cutting edge software, I will work with you to monitor and improve your performance across sessions. The goal is to achieve what is known as "coherence" or getting in "the zone." This is a completely non-invasive technique that will simply require you to wear a clip on your earlobe or finger. Many people find this technique very informative as it provides a visual, visceral indication of how your thoughts and feelings are directly related to your bodily functions. Therefore, when trained to calm your mind through relaxation and other techniques, your emotions and body will also become calm and more balanced. 

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   Adjustment Disorders
   Adolescent Issues (including Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, "FOMO")
   Anger Management
   Anxiety Disorders; Panic, Social, GAD, Phobias, Performance, OCD
   Assertive Communication Training
Biofeedback Training
   Career Planning, Exploration
   Childhood/Teen Behavioral Issues
   Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
   College Preparation
   Couples/Marital Issues (All Orientations)
   Eating Disorders/Body Image
   Healthy Self-Esteem
   Identity, Acculturation Issues

Internet Addiction
   LGBTQ Issues
   Life Transitions
   Lifestyle Coaching
   Men's Issues
   Mind-Body Techniques

Mood Disorders
   Parenting/Family Issues
   Peer Pressure
   Postpartum Depression/Postpartum Anxiety
   Pre-Marital Counseling
   Relaxation Training
   School Difficulties (Academic, Social)
   Self-Injurious Behavior
   Sexuality, Sexual Orientation
   Smoking Cessation
   Solution-Focused Therapy
   Spiritual Issues; Interfaith Couples
   Stress Management
   Time Management, Study Skills
   Women's Issues
   Work/Family Balance 

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